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When you think of a luxury Swiss watch brand, chances are Patek Philippe will likely be one of the first names to cross your mind. Although their sports models like the Nautilus and Aquanaut are currently some of the most sought after watches in the world, the brand also has an incredibly rich history in making the quintessential dress watch. From the Calatrava and Ellipse to the highly complicated Perpetual Calendar Ref. 3940, there’s a certain elegance that all these watches exude.

Emulating their watches, Patek ads also are refined, elegant, and timeless and have been for many years. With ads in multiple languages (mainly English, French, and Italian) that have been in circulation going back to the early 1900s, the variety of Patek ads rivals that of Rolex ones in terms of size and placement. You’ll often see a watch highlighted in a way where it’s almost put on a pedestal, as if it was Patek’s way of saying how special each watch is.

One of arguably the most well-known and successful marketing campaigns ever created within the watch industry, and quite possibly even in the world, is the prolific “Generations” campaign that Patek started using around 1996 and still continues to use in their ads today. This hallmark of Patek Philippe marketing speaks volumes about the emotional and human connection that we have to watches, which can hold many memories and stories for us. These ads incorporate imagery that show parents and their children, emphasizing a Patek Philippe timepiece’s ability to transcend generations.

The ads shown here are just a small window into the vast world of Patek ads. Like the watches, the ads offer so much to be appreciated and collected. Because Patek has such a deep history, their ads have an incredibly special quality about them that’s best experienced when you behold one in front of you and really take in the art, copy, printing, and paper of the era. This experience can be thoroughly enjoyed whether you own a Patek or just love watches and respect the brand’s contribution and legacy to horology.