Over the years, while running his passion business, Ad Patina, founder Nick Federowicz has gained a lot of knowledge about vintage magazine advertisements. Throughout his hunting and continued efforts to curate beautiful, authentic magazine ads, Nick has learned bits and pieces of the history behind some of the most-iconic ads and campaigns. Nick has been sought out by several well-known online and print media publications, including Hodinkee, The New York Times, Financial Times, Gear Patrol, and A Collected Man, to contribute his photography, personal experience and thoughts related to magazine advertisements. 

Nick has also been a guest on a number of Podcasts. Through his commentary, he hopes that people will have a new perspective on vintage ads and a newfound appreciation for the artform he feels they represent.

Online Articles


The New York Times - 4 Moments That Changed the Watch World

Nicholas Federowicz, owner of Ad Patina, a Chicago-based vintage watch ad reseller, referred to his 1966 magazine ad for the Explorer Ref. 1016 that he said was among his best sellers.


Hodinkee - The Best Watch Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Now

Get your Don Draper (or Cole Pennington) on while perusing vintage watch ads with @adpatina.


Hodinkee - Chanel Watches Matter, And Here's Why

Photography of Ad Patina's vintage ads are featured throughout the article.


TAG Heuer - The Edge Magazine - The Essence of an Era: The 1960s

Today, Ad Patina, the expert of all things vintage watch ads, is taking us on a swinging journey back to the 60s, a decade which in several ways marked the dawn of a new era for Heuer.


Tag Heuer - The Edge Magazine - The Vintage ‘70s Ads That Made Heuer Tick

Rewind time with us and Ad Patina, a world-leading authority in vintage watch advertisements, as we reflect on previous decades of Heuer and TAG Heuer history, as immortalised in unforgettable campaigns.


Financial Times - Interest Ticks Up In Watch Ephemera

Interest in vintage watch advertisements is also growing. Nick Federowicz, who founded Chicago-based specialist marketplace Ad Patina in 2017, exceeded his total customer count for 2021 in the first nine months of this year.


Gear Patrol - This Man Makes a Living Selling Vintage Ads, and Business Is a-Boomin'

What he does do is source the best midcentury watch advertisements from vintage magazines, frame them, and then sell those.


Watchonista - A Century Of Wristwatch Advertising: 10 Vintage Ads Worth Revisiting

Federowicz singled out the Geneva brand’s iconic “If You Were” campaign, which ran from 1967 to early 1970, as an especially powerful example of watch marketing.


A Collected Man - The Rise of Vintage Watch Advertisements

According to Nick Federowicz of Ad Patina, who has been studying and sourcing vintage advertisements for several decades, this wistful direction helped to refocus collectors.



Standard H - Ep. 95 - Nick Federowicz (Ad Patina)

Nick doesn’t sell watches, or watch straps, or even watch pouches. He sells vintage magazine ads which highlight some of the most iconic watches ever produced.


Collectors Gene Radio - Vintage Advertisements That Are As Good As The Real Thing

Today we're chatting with Nick, the proprietor of AdPatina – a company that sources, sells, and frames vintage advertisements, ranging from watches, cars, to Eames chairs.


Breaking and Entering Advertising Podcast - Luxury Advertisement History w/Curator, Nick Federowicz

Nicholas Federowicz is an entrepreneur who started Ad Patina, where he hunts, harvests, preserves, hangs and sells vintage ads for watches and automobiles.


OT: The Podcast - Nick Federowicz (Ad Patina) on the art of watch advertising

Today we dive into the vintage watch ad rabbit hole with Nick Federowicz, better known by his online persona of Ad Patina.


Dialed In Podcast - EP 38: Appreciating Advertising: Ad Patina

Nick Federowicz, founder of Ad Patina, joins the Fog City family this week to discuss building a business around your passion and how for Nick chasing vintage ads.


Fifth Wrist Radio - Nick @adpatina drops by to talk about vintage and collectable watch advertisments

Nick is a visual artist and entrepreneur, specialising in sale and collecting of vintage printed watch and car advertisements.


Rico's Watches Podcast - Episode 93: Ad Patina

Nick and I discuss his humble beginnings, his love of watches and specifically print ads, what drove him to start Ad Patina and what drives him still, as well as what the future holds for the brand.