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Much the way patina on a watch tells its unique story, like how and where it was worn, the copy and imagery of advertisements tell the history behind a brand and their models. 

Reading the headlines and taking in the visual elements reminds us of the spirit of timepieces - when dive watches were “dive” watches… 

If you own a watch, you might want an ad to go with it. If you don’t own a particular watch, having an original ad for it can serve as motivation to aspire to own it someday. Either way, I think advertisements should be part of watch collecting. The same way the perfect leather strap can make you enjoy your watch more, having a vintage ad can make you appreciate watches more. Ads add to the experience…   




Offering something new… Ads all framed up, ready to hang in your home or office!


Featured Ads

Every month I’ll spotlight ads that deserve special recognition. They may not be among the most popular, but they’re no less cool.


2002 IWC First Edition Big Pilot’s Watch

Not their most controversial headline, but certainly not absent a sexist undertone. IWC knew how to get your attention. 46.2mm helped…


1990s Two-Tone Audemars Royal Oak

Two-tone watches don't bother me. And I think the Royal Oak wears steel and gold the best… In this ad, love how the sun hits the tapisserie dial.


1966 Omega “Wrist Computers”

Yeah there’s a straight-lug Speedy in this one, but that’s not why it’s so great… It’s great because the ad is really all about the brand.


Late 1960s Leica Endorsement - Air France

You should always pack a camera when you travel. Although this ad shows how cameras travel. Nice endorsement by Leica for Air France!


1995 Patek Philippe Collection

From the complications to the color, this ad comes correct. And the choice to draw the watches… nice touch to show they’re works of art!


1969 Rolex Day-Date “taming oil well fires”

This one gets people all the time: Fighting a fire wearing a gold Day-Date... A reminder what Rolex watches - any - are capable of…




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