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The way patina on a watch tells its unique story - like how and where it was worn - the copy and imagery of advertisements tell the history behind brands and their models. Reading the headlines and taking in the visual elements remind us of the spirit of timepieces: when dive watches were dive watches

The same way the perfect leather strap can make you enjoy your watch more, having original vintage ads can make you appreciate watches more. Ads add to the experience…

You might want a vintage ad to go with your watch. You might want to collect them, as they’re an important resource to study. And like dials, cases and movements, many ads are works of art to admire. For so many reasons - sentimental, educational, aesthetic - I think advertisements should be part of watch collecting; part of the conversation.   



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A monthly exhibition of particularly cool, noteworthy ads…

For May I want to bring your attention to ads that highlight the brand as much as they feature certain lusty pieces like that 5402, larger than life, sprawled across the page in full color. Back when these ads were conceived and printed up, all the watches pictured were - I think it’s safe to assume - available in jewelry store display cases. Just point, try on, pull out your checkbook. One of the things that’s great about these ads is they’re an important reminder that the Speedmaster isn't the only watch Omega has ever produced… Omega has a lot of tradition and customer base beyond one model.


1972 Omega w/ Speedmaster and PloProf

You can’t fault us watch lovers for thinking “Speedmaster” at the very mention of “Omega.” While we may never rock a Constellation or De Ville - I’d argue those models are as iconic as the Speedy…


1979 Rolex & Tudor w/ Day-Date & “Snowflake”

Today Rolex and Tudor can seem like separate entities… But this ad reinforces the familial relationship between the two brands. And I love the daddy, mommy and baby Submariners :)


1963 Rolex w/ Submariner 5512

I’ll be honest, I once considered cutting out the bottom half and framing just the top. I’ve come to regret that almost decision. The masculine, the feminine, the power, the elegance - are all Rolex.


1974 Audemars Piguet w/ Royal Oak 5402

Divert your eyes for a moment. Yes, the Royal Oak was revolutionary and has stood the test of time. But Audemars has made other ground-breaking watches, which these littler ones remind us…




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