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The way patina on a watch tells its unique story - like how and where it was worn - the copy and imagery of advertisements tell the history behind brands and their models. Reading the headlines and taking in the visual elements remind us of the spirit of timepieces: when dive watches were dive watches

The same way the perfect leather strap can make you enjoy your watch more, having original vintage ads can make you appreciate watches more. Ads add to the experience…

You might want a vintage ad to go with your watch. You might want to collect them, as they’re an important resource to study. And like dials, cases and movements, many ads are works of art to admire. For so many reasons - sentimental, educational, aesthetic - I think advertisements should be part of watch collecting; part of the conversation.   


Ad Patina X Analog/Shift


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Featured Ads

A monthly exhibition of particularly cool, noteworthy ads…

Below are a few one-of-a-kind, rare recent finds. They’re old - some have patina - and they feature timepieces that have become some of the most-iconic models and examples of craftsmanship that have made their brands what they are today.


1953 Rolex Explorer Ref. 6098

The dial doesn’t say “Explorer” but when you read the ad - it’s clear what the watch is. And the ad… Possibly the very-first ad for the Explorer…


1966 Omega Speedmaster

Patina or no patina, this ad can’t be overlooked for what it is… It’s the oldest ad discovered mentioning NASA and featuring a Speedmaster. (Oct. 1966)


1956 Watchmakers of Switzerland w/ Patek

That ambassador for Swiss watchmaking, takin’ a siesta… Look close… you’ll see it’s a Patek Philippe Ref. 2497 Perpetual Calendar. I want that strap!!


1960s Rolex gold Day-Date & Datejust

Two of the most-prestigious models from Rolex. Before a Daytona and steel sports models took the throne, Day-Dates and Datejusts were the Kings that ruled the land…


Examples of the above ads framed “floating” style. See Frame Page for more info and inspiration!




Custom framing is a big part of what Ad Patina does. Let’s start a project…




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