Patek Ellipse & Calatrava Ads


Patek Ellipse & Calatrava Advertisements

In my opinion, the Ellipse is one of the most underrated gems in Patek’s vintage and modern collections. First released in 1968, the Ellipse was designed based on the ancient golden ratio, the divine proportion that has been represented in some of history’s most beautiful works of art and architecture such as the Mona Lisa and the Great Pyramids.

In recent years, the Ellipse has definitely had a huge resurgence, with many collectors embracing the beautifully designed, slim, elegant model. While the watch may not be the most popular Patek model among watch enthusiasts, Ellipse ads are some of the most beautifully composed watch ads. The stunning contrasting pops of blue and gold give the ads a fun, art-like quality that really shines wonderfully when framed. While we associate more well-known models like the Nautilus and Grand Complications as watches that symbolize luxury, the Ellipse was equally advertised as a luxurious status symbol. You’ll notice references to the cost of the watch, such as the generations-esque ad about it being a “$1700 Trust Fund”, a campaign created by legendary Patek adman Seth Tobias. There’s also the recurring tagline “The exclusive circle of a Patek Philippe.” with various Ellipse models artfully curated in rarefied settings. From the way these ads capture the model, it’s worth noting that the Ellipse was likely the watch that was seen as the one to have for successful and wealthy people during that era.