Interview: Land Rover Adman Allen Richardson - Ad Patina

Interview: Land Rover Adman Allen Richardson

Nov 01, 2020 Nick Federowicz

From 1991-2000 Allen Richardson was an advertising art director for an agency in New York on the Range Rover/Land Rover account. That agency, Grace & Rothschild Advertising launched the brand in the US in 1986 with the "muddy" Range Rover ad and continued doing all their ads until the summer of 2000. In that role, Allen concepted print ads and TV commercials, hired photographers and directors, oversaw the retouching of the images, and prepared the files to go to the magazine publications. This is a brief interview sharing a bit of his career and experience creating some of the most iconic Land Rover print advertisments. 

Rolex, Swatch, and More: The Best Watch Advertisements

Rolex, Swatch, and More: The Best Watch Advertisements

Feb 16, 2024 Nick Federowicz

This isn't my "10 Best" list. Narrowing down the very-best 10 from hundreds of great ads would be a torturous task. This list is simply 10 really-good watch advertisements. Ads that cover the decades. Come in black and white - and color. Ads for simple and fun watches, but also featuring icons and Grails. Many incredible ads aren't part of this selection. You won't see the Matterhorn or Cartier Panther - ads that proudly hang in our home. I mostly went down the list of watch brands and allowed the ads to jump out at me. Some did for sentimental reasons. Some did for historical reasons. Some because they felt under-appreciated. Without further ado, here's some good ones - that'll look awesome framed. Enjoy!