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I was once asked to give my thoughts on what I felt were the most-compelling advertisements of all time. One of my quick answers was “Land Rover” ads. For me, an ad (or an entire campaign) can stand out, stand the test of time, spark conversation, for so many reasons… When it comes to Land Rover ads, especially from the late 1980s through early 2000s, they come fully-loaded, like buying a car or truck with all the options. In nearly every ad, you get a beautiful, frame-worthy image, but also a witty headline penned by I’d say some of the best copywriters to ever do it. And I’d also say about those headlines, which in all likelihood served as inspiration and directed the photoshoot, many are famous and as much a part of the visual component as the scene you see.

I can’t speak from personal experience about the reliability of actual Rover vehicles… But what I can confidently say is that ads for the brand’s various models are consistently high-quality and will never let you down.

The fundamental task at hand for an advertisement is to promote and sell a brand and/or product. Perhaps the real beauty of Land Rover ads is their power to sell an ownership experience - a lifestyle - which they’ve succeed at given the crazy enthusiast community.