Automotive Advertisements

For many people, much more than watches, it’s cars and trucks that get them revved up. I’ll admit, I’m not well-versed on the topic of automobiles, like I am about wristwatches. But thanks to the auto-loving watch community on Instagram, many sweet rides and tough trucks are coming into my rearview. Fast approaching are the makes and models that many dream about (including me) - like Porsche and Land Rover. But also beeping at me for attention, are other well-known car companies and designs beloved by so many because they bring back good memories of the past - like Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW and Volvo.

I’m excited for the open road ahead - and the inevitable detours and scenic routes I’ll take hunting for great automotive advertisements from the past. I may be the one behind the wheel searching for beautiful car and truck ads, but really I’m riding shotgun… That’s because it’s really the car and truck lovers out there - that I connect with and ultimately learn from - that are helping me navigate the highways and backroads of auto advertising.

There are so many car and truck ads… I’m on a road trip - an adventure - to find and share the best, so car and truck lovers have something really cool to decorate their wall - or their garage!