Heuer Ads

Heuer Advertisements

Like the victorious race cars timed by Heuer dash timers, stopwatches and wrist chronos back in the 1960s and 1970s, it can be said that the brand also laps the field when it comes to chronograph design. Many of these design choices, such as the balance, legibility, and color schemes of the dials and the bold case shapes, are second to none. To this day, passionate collectors have a high appreciation for the truly distinct look of a Heuer chronograph, from the 1960s Carreras to the Heuer Monacos.

Heuer’s racing heritage is deeply embedded in its branding and references to the brand’s relationships with automobiles and motorsport are a recurring motif across their ads. In the 70s, Heuer also sponsored the Ferrari F1 team and had some of the most famous F1 drivers at the time as brand ambassadors. Actor Steve McQueen continued to popularize the brand by wearing the Monaco reference in the film “Le Mans”. Heuer’s story combined with the brand’s cultural significance throughout the years makes it one of the greatest watch brands of all time.