Cartier Ads


Cartier Advertisements

Cartier is so much more than a watch brand… It’s a style. A look that is as iconic as their name and jewelry designs that have become household names. Owning - wearing - a piece from Cartier says a lot about your taste, sense of fashion, eye for beauty and aspirations... Cartier represents a lifestyle so well it’s hard not to get swept up in the history and making it a part of your life today.

Cartier watches have been worn and photographed on people’s wrists for ages. Whether a classic Tank or a Santos, the silhouette and architecture are unmistakeable and always effortless and cool. It’s wonderful to see Cartier in the spotlight a lot these days - being appreciated more by a new generation for its timelessness, such as the Panthers getting so much love. But also, models we were likely unaware of, such as the Baignoire and Basculante, are being highlighted and embraced.

Of course, remarkable creations, such as the Cartier Crash, Pebble and other rare timepieces are getting major coverage and achieving significant results when they come up for sale. Cartier is a brand I’ve been “watch”ing more closely and can't seem to get off my mind… The combination of casualness and luxuriousness that all their watches exude speaks to me. And Cartier advertisements do a great job conveying these characteristics.