Rolex Milgauss Ads

Although rare, advertisements exist showing the early Milgauss, Ref. 6541. More common is a 1970 ad marketing a Ref. 1019 Milgauss with a "CERN" dial. Today, Milgauss ads don't only appear in scientific publications. And the main selling point isn't only the watch's purpose. Its history and redesign are attracting.

Rolex Milgauss Advertisements

A highly-specialized model from Rolex that initially wasn’t marketed to the average consumer. Going all the way back to the Ref. 6541, and including the Ref. 1019, the few vintage Milgauss ads discovered to date, as you might have guessed, appeared within the pages of science periodicals targeting engineers and other researchers working in environments that could disrupt the accuracy of timekeeping. There isn't a lot of variety that has been found when it comes to advertisements showing the vintage versions. The newer, reincarnated Milgauss, seems to be having greater success in terms of sales, certainly helped out by the more prolific advertising mainly showing off the green crystal Ref. 116400GV versions – with either a black dial or “Z-Blue” dial.

Advertisements do exist, going back to 1959-1961, for the very-first Rolex Milgauss, Ref. 6541. As you can imagine, these are extremely rare… Ads for today’s version are much more common, and some of these do speak to the history and purpose of the model, which is great to see. Of course, a number of modern ads just show the watch by itself or pair it with a brand ambassador, such as Roger Federer... The times have certainly changed, but it’s nice to see the model back in the Rolex lineup after being discontinued throughout the 1990s.