Rolex Daytona Ads

The Daytona has been heavily advertised in gold since the early 2000s as the model has become a luxury timepiece. I doubt an ad exists showing the Ref. 116520 or 116500. But this wasn't always the case... The vintage ads out there remind us of its stainless steel, racing origins.

Rolex Daytona Advertisements

There’s nothing more exciting than coming across any form of advertisement for a steel Daytona. It seems very few ads exist showing the 6239, 6241, 6263 or 6265 references... Especially compared to ads for other popular sports models of today, like the GMT-Master and Submariner. Only a handful of Daytona ads have been found - not enough variety for today’s demand. Of course, vintage ads weren’t created to satisfy today’s enthusiasts and collectors. Rather they reflect the sales potential/strategy and trends of yesteryear. It would be amazing if an ad existed showing a “Paul Newman” dial Daytona or Ref. 16520 “Zenith” model, but it’s not likely. That’s why any older sales material, including brand and dealer catalogs and brochures, even in a foreign language, should be treasured.

It’s important to reiterate, that given the interest in, appreciation, passion and collectability for all vintage Daytona models, coupled with the comparatively far fewer articles of marketing communication produced, any form of advertising for the Daytona must be considered equal. From a full-page magazine advertisement to a much-smaller color thumbnail image in a brochure with a blurb, all the selling documentation, information and depictions of vintage Daytonas serve as valuable resources that collectively help tell the story of the model, keep us in awe and inspire many of us to own some version, whether a “Big Red” Daytona or an in-house Caliber 4130 Ref. 116520.

Vintage Rolex Daytona

A variety of Daytona advertisements have been found - the earliest being from 1964. It is believed that more exist, and rest assured, they’ll be tracked down. Also, an effort will always be made to source vintage catalogs showcasing 4-digit Daytonas, many of which are in full color.

Modern Rolex Daytona

To this day, a modern, 5-digit steel Daytona ad has yet to be found... The closest is a rare newspaper ad put out by a local jeweler with a “floating” Zenith Ref. 16520 shown. It’s unclear why exactly ads seem not to exist for 16520, 116520 and 116500 references... Perhaps to not get people’s hopes up seeing the ad in a magazine only to be disappointed that they can’t walk into or call their local Authorized Dealer and actually get the watch. Maybe the conscious decision to not advertise speaks volumes about what’s going on with supply and demand…