Rolex Day-Date Ads

So many models exemplify Rolex, but perhaps the Day Date does it best... The countless advertisements that infer leaders and sports professionals around the world wear a Day Date have been incredibly effective marketing the solid gold Rolex with a "president" bracelet as the ultimate symbol of power and success.

Rolex Day-Date Advertisements

There could easily be a never-ending debate on which Rolex model is most-iconic or emblematic of the brand… What is the flagship model of Rolex? You could certainly make the case for the Day-Date or Rolex “President” as it’s often referred, as a strong candidate. While steel Daytonas, both vintage and modern, may be the most-aspirational Rolex to own today, it can be safely assumed that from the 1950s through 1990s, models such as the Ref. 1803 and Ref. 18038, produced in precious metals such as gold, white gold and platinum, and available with an array of exotic dials and gemstone adornment, were the most sought-after models for every man - from the average businessman to celebrities and sports figures. For so long, owning a Rolex Day-Date was a marker of success, power, affluence, taste and sophistication. Because of its popularity and prestige, and likely it’s profit potential for Rolex, the number of advertisements run over the years for the Day-Date seems to outnumber the variations of the model, which is saying a lot. Looking closely at the variety of advertisements for the Day-Date, Rolex clearly is identifying this model as something for all to set their sights on owning someday as a way to crown your achievements. Today, at least in the collector community, the classic 18kt yellow gold Day-Date with champagne dial, often seen in advertisements, doesn’t seem to have quite the same effect regarding being a status symbol. However, rare dial or gem-laden, pristine examples are starting to stand out and fast-becoming the next category of Rolex to be appreciated and collect, making Day-Date ads very-relevant.

Vintage & Modern Rolex Day-Date

Rather fittingly, there are so many different Day-Date advertisements, just like there are so many different variations of the model... There’s the more-classic, perhaps most-well-known ads, with Red Adair or the U.N. Building (both showing the equally classic and well-known 18kt gold, champagne dial with fluted bezel model). Then there’s the ads with unique imagery, like a bottle of Cristal, paired with equally-unique Day-Dates with stone dials or oozing diamonds. It can be said, that no matter your taste, there’s a Day-Date for you... Don't like the thought of wearing lots of gold or diamonds? Go for a white gold case on a leather strap. And same goes for choosing an ad. There’s bold ads with fire blazing or much-more understated black/white copy. No matter, all are very-much Rolex and worthy of consideration…