Modern Rolex Submariner Ads

In my book, a Rolex is “modern” if it has a glossy dial - with hour markers surrounded by white gold - and a sapphire crystal. That’s what you’ll find here. What you won’t find is a Ref. 14060. From around 1970 - 2020 all Submariner advertisements show ”Date” versions.

Rolex Submariner Neo-Vintage & Modern

In 2003, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Submariner, Rolex released the Ref. 16610LV “Kermit” Submariner with an aluminum bezel insert in green as a nod to the signature color of Rolex. I’ve only found one advertisement, from 2005, that shows this version. As Rolex models transitioned to six-digit reference numbers, this generation of the Submariner marks the introduction of new materials (such as chromalight and Cerachrom), slightly new case designs, and new ads that were certainly different from those published prior to 2000.