Enicar Ads


Enicar Advertisements

Enicar was founded in the early 1900s by the Racine family in Switzerland. As a small-family run watch company, Enicar impressively built itself into a notable brand with ties to expeditions, aviation, racing, diving, and the US Navy.

Following an expedition to Everest in the 1950s where the climbers were wearing Enicar watches, the brand renamed the collection they came from as the Sherpa. Over the years, Enicar created hundreds of variations of the Sherpa which included a diving watch, a GMT, and a chronograph. The Sherpa Graph, one of these chronograph versions, was also worn and popularized by brand ambassador and famed F1 driver Stirling Moss.

Though the introduction of quartz to the market heavily affected Enicar, you can still see the historical significance and see into the brand’s history through the stories incorporated within its ads and in the wonderful book by Martijn Van Der Ven, titled “Time for a Change, Discovering Vintage Enicar”, which features some of these ads and tells the story of Enicar through interviews with the founder, brand ambassadors, and employees.