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About ad patina...

As a teenager (and into my twenties) my room was a mini shrine to watches. The pièces de résistance were watch advertisements cut out of magazines and scotch taped to the walls alongside normal adolescent posters: Cindy Crawford, a Lamborghini (this was the '90s after all). 

The ad you see to the right was the last one I remember displaying. Yes a Day-Date ad featuring Frederick Forsyth (who?). And yes, I put in an antique gold frame just like the one in my mockup (nice touch huh?).  It rested on a shelf, tilted against the wall. I don't know what happened to it... I'm sure my mom has it saved in a box somewhere...

@adpatina launched on Instagram in mid-2017. I was anxious to see what kind of reception these vintage ads would get... Turns out I'm not the only one who loves them. A lot of watch guys (and gals) dig these ads.  

In the months to come I'll elaborate on my passion for old watch ads (Rolex in particular). Until then, I'll continue hunting ads, sharing my finds and helping watch lovers the world over decorate their hallways and home offices just like I did as a kid (and recently started doing again, albeit more tastefully).