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The way patina on a watch tells its unique story - like how and where it was worn - the copy and imagery of advertisements tell the history behind brands and their models. Reading the headlines and taking in the visual elements remind us of the spirit of timepieces: when dive watches were dive watches

The same way the perfect leather strap can make you enjoy your watch more, having original vintage ads can make you appreciate watches more. Ads add to the experience…

You might want a vintage ad to go with your watch. You might want to collect them, as they’re an important resource to study. And like dials, cases and movements, many ads are works of art to admire. For so many reasons - sentimental, educational, aesthetic - I think advertisements should be part of watch collecting; part of the conversation.   



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Featured Ads

A monthly exhibition of particularly cool ads…


1979/80 “Double Red” Sea Dweller

Those two important lines of red text… They really pop in this ad because of the quality of the paper stock and the crisp, vivid printing


1972 Heuer Autavia “Viceroy” Chronograph

What a time to be alive… When you could lick a stamp and mail a money order and await a package with a damn good Heuer chrono inside!


1980 Tudor “Snowflake” Submariner

Hard to tell if the dial is black or blue… But one thing’s for sure - the hands are “snowflake” and a Tudor is every bit a Rolex…


Universal Geneve “Polar”router

The copy and those fonts! Four illustrations: airplane, globe, pilot, watch! Makes you think of travel, exploration, technology, style…


1978 Patek Philippe Ellipse Collection

The 1970s vibe Ellipse may not be your style… However, you can’t deny it’s a pretty piece of jewelry to photograph… I’d wear the cufflinks!


1969 Rolex 18 ct. GMT “Flying the Concorde”

There are Concorde ads and there are Concorde ads. This is the latter. Oversize, full-color, rare, gold and sexy…




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