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1965 Porsche 911


"The new Porsche" 911

I'm not a car guy, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate some car designs or understand the influence automobiles have on culture and lifestyle. The Porsche 911 is like an old Daytona or Carrera... Even if you're not a Rolex fan or into vintage watches, it's hard to deny their awesomeness. Car guy or not, an old 911 evokes awe.  


Why it's special... My takeaway from Ben Clymer's article on the 911 in Vol. 1 of Hodinkee Magazine were the differences between the very-first 911s compared to later versions. The little details Ben pointed out - what to look for - like "a dashboard made or teak" or "green-dialed dash gauges," reminded me of the details that distinguish watch models from different production years - making some iterations more coveted. When I came across this 911 ad from 1965 (it's birth year) I knew it would be prized by car lovers and watch enthusiasts too!        


Dimensions: 8 1/4" x 11" (21cm x 27.7cm)


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