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1979 Rolex Sea Dweller

1979 Sea Dweller

"never gets the bends"


When this ad was published almost 40 years ago, Rolex had divers in mind as customers for their new, vessel of a watch, the Sea Dweller. Now it's watch collectors who "need" a Sea Dweller... And now it goes by the name, "Double Red"


Why it's special... This ad is a Rolex relic dredged from a library reference book - making it tougher to come by. Since it's from a book, the paper it's printed on is meatier than pages of a magazine. The textured grain of the parchment is like a canvas, rendering the most vivid, crisp image. To really appreciate the quality, just look at how those all-important two lines of red text stand out... 


Approx. Size: 8" x 11 3/4" (20.2cm x 30cm)


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