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1969 Rolex GMT-Master

1969 GMT-Master

"flying the Concorde"


Airplanes and GMTs go together so well. And what better aircraft than the Concorde to entice jet setters to go out and buy a GMT-Master. Fasten your safety belt, rotate your bezel counter-clockwise a quarter turn. No need to change the time on your watch when you land at Charles De Gaulle...    


Why it's special... The "If you were..." campaign is arguably the most famous marketing Rolex has ever done. And this particular ad, featuring the Mach 2 screaming, supersonic Concorde is the best of the bunch. It's from 1969, which happens to be the first year the Concorde was flown. And, oh yeah, there's a pretty sweet small arrow GMT pictured...  


Dimensions: 8 1/8" x 11" (20.8cm x 28cm)


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