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'66 Explorer Ref. 1016

'66 "Matterhorn" Explorer Ad

The slogan atop this ad epitomizes the unofficial mission of Rolex: to make the most robust watches wearers can count on through thick and thin. And it's not lost on me that Rolex chose the Explorer as the poster child to go along with this message. After all, this is arguably their most famous model - its reputation earned and success stemming much in part from it accompanying "Explorers" during the first summiting of Mt. Everest.


Why it's special...  Forget about the wrist shot, it's that hand that does it for me: Life-size and with so much detail you can almost feel it... Of course, the watch is great too - a grail of mine. But I keep going back to that hand... It reminds me of intimate portrait photography - images that reveal a person's soul through their facial expression, their eyes, their skin. I believe the hands can also tell a person's story - whether rough and callused or soft and manicured. Kind of like how the scuffs and scratches on a watch tell its story: who's owned it, where it's been... This is just a beautiful ad - the marketing, the photography, the watch. 


Dimensions: 8 1/4" x 11 1/16" (21cm x 28.1cm)


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