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1966 "Explorer Dial" Sub - First Daytona

1966 "Explorer Dial" Submariner & Very First Daytona

Topping the list of unicorn watch ads are ads for the Daytona. No doubt you've seen pictures of these ads - but do you actually know anyone with any actual ads... I'm not talking about brochures - that's not an ad. I'm talking about black and white marketing extracted from a magazine. I'm aware of a handful, but this is the only one I've found. And boy is it a good one. I mean, look at what it's paired with... 


Why it's special... Just like the watches, it's all about the details. And since this is a vintage ad, let's bust out the old-school loupe - the magnifying glass - to inspect. Once you look past the 3-6-9 "Explorer Dial" on the Sub you'll notice a little dash underneath the "Submariner" text... Now check out the Daytona (or should I say Cosmograph). So many features indicate it's indeed the first iteration. The fully hashed, "275" marked bezel. And again, looking closely, you'll notice an underline beneath the "Cosmograph" text - another reference point confirming you're looking at the earliest version of the Daytona. I could go on an on about how this may be the crown jewel of Rolex ads... I'll end with this: it hangs in the hallway of our home. 


Dimensions: 8 1/4" x 11" (20.9cm x 28cm)


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